Current Sermon Series

I Choose…

“The god of open options is a cruel and vindictive god.” – Barry Cooper, author of Discipleship Explored

Always keeping our options open can feel like freedom, but what we find in never making commitments is exhaustion and frustration. God’s Word calls us to whole hearted commitment and obedience to Him, and that means each day we must choose what we will make a priority. The start of a new year is a great time to evaluate our priorities and daily commitments, and in this series we’ll explore 10 key choices that will help us to grow in our love for God and our love for other people.

January 6
I Choose Transformation Over Stagnation

January 13
I Choose God’s Word Over the Pattern of the World

January 20
I Choose Prayer and Stillness over Worry and Busyness

January 27
I Choose Community Over Isolation

February 3
I Choose Generosity Over Selfishness, Part 1

February 10
I Choose Generosity Over Selfishness, Part 2

February 17
Guest Preacher

February 24
I Choose Reconciliation Over Conflict

March 3
I Choose Holiness Over Worldliness

March 10
I Choose Evangelism Over Apathy

March 17
I Choose Heaven Over Earth